Journal 8: Adaptive Technology

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Communication Low to High Tech tools
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is all the form of communicating used to express thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas; excluding oral speech. Facial expressions, symbols, and writing are some examples of AAC.
A no tech communication tool is the choice board.  Choice boards can be made of objects, pictures, and symbols that are used by the students with special needs.  It can be used in the classroom by having related topic symbols or objects on the choice board so that the student is able to answer questions, or complete sentences about the topic, by using pointer stick, body part, eye gaze, or any other gesture. Choice boards are also available as iPhone applications.
A high tech device tool is DynaVox Maestro.  This high tech communication tool is a tablet like device that includes a standard camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Students can communicate by touching the screen on the desired picture and digitalized voices transmit the message through speakers.  If student cannot touch the screen there are devices available that can be used as a mouse, like head mouse, visual and auditory scanning, and joystick. This device allows picture to be taken and can be incorporated into a new communication page; this allows the student to communicate with the teacher about the topic being taught by taking picture of the items necessary.

Accessibility Hardware

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Accessibility hardware devices are tools used by students with disabilities that allow them to accomplish tasks they would not be able to do otherwise.
An example of an accessibility hardware tools is the Braille embossers.  This software transfers computer generated text into embossed Braille output.  Braille translation programs can convert text scanned word processing into Braille.  The embosser prints out the information and the student with a blind disability is able to read and know the subject being taught.